Certified Clinical Medical Assistant

Your path to medical assistant certification

Become a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Online

  • Taking patient vital signs
  • Assisting providers with exams and procedures
  • Administering injections or medications
  • Performing EKG, phlebotomy and other essential laboratory procedures
  • Checking patients in and out upon arrival and departure
  • Answering phone calls and questions
  • Updating and maintaining electronic health records (EHR)

We use a digital learning platform provided by National Healthcare Association. The platform is loved by both students and instructors because it helps us seamlessly train students using a combination of digital learning, hands-on learning, and teacher instruction.

The foundation of our teaching is the curriculum set forth by (NHA) National Healthcareer Association. This curriculum, helps prepare each student to pass the National Certification Exam through NHA. 

Discover our dynamic 8-week hybrid certification program, designed for those seeking a fast-paced learning experience.

  1. Provide high school transcripts or equivalent
  2. Provide a valid State ID or Drivers License
  3. Make student registration payment 
  4. Complete student enrollment agreement
  • Complete all 8 weeks of training. 
  • Complete all online learning modules.
  • Pass All Clinical Assessment.
  • Pass Final Exam

Once you have completed all training requirements you then will receive your training certificate that will allow you to take your National Exam with NHA.

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant  Exam is through National Healthcareer Association.

CCMA Certified Clinical Medical Assistants can find work at hospitals, medical clinics, medspas, doctor’s offices, blood donation centers, home health care, urgent care centers and more. 

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  • Understand basic human anatomy and principles of human disease
  • Comply with healthcare regulations and medical law (HIPAA, OSHA, CMS) as it applies to patient privacy and security, infection control, health, human services, etc.
  • Interact and communicate efficiently in a healthcare facility with proper use of medical terminology, written and oral.
  • Gain an understanding of pharmacology and medication administration.
  • Obtain patient history, promote effective patient-centered communication, and provide patient education and resources to support patient welfare.
  • Gain knowledge of laboratory and diagnostic techniques, handling laboratory specimens, specimen collection, and processing methods.
  • Obtain and record vital signs, prepare patients for examinations, aid in inpatient treatments, and assist with patient procedures.
  • Perform cardiopulmonary testing, electrocardiogram (EKG/ECG), and other diagnostic tests


You may also opt in to take are Basic Life Support Provider Certification Course – through AHA or Redcross.

  • Learn the necessary skills to function as a vital member of the healthcare team in an ambulatory setting
  • Understand ethical behavior, therapeutic communication, protecting the privacy of patient information
  • Demonstrate the importance of a first impression, maintaining a safe office environment
  • Identify medical terminology, and clinical procedures
  • Summarize the importance of the revenue cycle, the role of a practice manager, and the undertaking of risk management strategies to achieve medical practice efficiency
  • Identify the professional traits that a medical assistant must possess
  • Learn the various administrative and clinical job duties of a medical assistant
  • Summarize the techniques and best practices for obtaining a medical assisting position
  • Prepare to sit for the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) exam through the NHA

5 steps to becoming a certified clinical medical assistant


  1. Apply for your exam

    Create a free NHA account online, anytime, and submit your certified clinical medical assistant exam application through your account portal.

  2. Set a date

    Select the date and location–online or in-person–for your exam. (An exam fee payment is required during this step.)

  3. Prepare, prepare, prepare

    Time to study! We're here to support you. We have study materials available, including an interactive study guide and practice test.

  4. Take the exam

    You'll take the exam either at your school, a PSI testing center near you, or through live remote proctoring at the location of your choice. 

  5. Get your results

    For online CCMA exams, NHA will officially post your certification results to your account page within two days of scoring your test.

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