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AHA BLS Instructor Course

This CPR AED First Aid Training Course provides you with the Foundations for Saving a Life during a Medical Emergency

Who should take this course?

Qualified instructors will possess the 5 core competencies defined by the AHA:

The AHA has defined these 5 core competencies for all instructor candidates:

  • Skills: Instructors need to demonstrate mastery in all skills for the courses they teach. This includes both the cognitive skills as well as the psychomotor skills.
  • Course delivery: Instructors need to teach AHA materials correctly and as outlined in the appropriate Instructor Manual and Lesson Maps.
  • Testing: Instructors must be able to test students effectively.
  • Professionalism: Instructors need to maintain a high standard of ethics and professionalism when teaching AHA courses. Program administration: Instructors need to be able to manage time, space, materials, and paperwork in compliance with AHA guidelines.

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AHA Instructor Course

Are you ready to help the American Heart Association help reach their goals in reducing cardiovascular disease incidence and deaths? You have a commitment to high quality education and proving people with the skills needed to save a life? You are in the right place! Altruistic Academy offers instructor courses for qualified candidates in each of the disciplines we teach.

Course provides you with the skills and tools to be a successful AHA BLS Instructor

This 2 part learning course provides you with the skills and tools to become a successful AHA BLS Instructor

Course is taught with AHA instructor guidelines.

This course will provide you with basic life support and first aid skills that are needed for medical emergencies. Our Focus is providing our students with High-Quailty CPR and first aid education. To help improve the way CPR is conducted by improvement of chest compression fraction, and high-performing team dynamics. To help improve the reaction time in emergency situations.

Prerequisites for the BLS Instructor Course

Students MUST have a current BLS certification.

Students MUST complete the theory e-learning courses.

To get started and complete the course and receive your instructor certification please follow these steps:

Step 1 – Download the AHA BLS instructor application. Complete the application and email to rachel.m@altruistic.academy

Step 2 – Email a copy of your current BLS certification with your application. Once you have met the requirements for enrollment you will be notified by email.

Step 3 – Follow the link in your email to purchase the instructor training course. Once payment is completed you will receive a email with the links to your e-learning courses. Once you have completed your e-learning courses.

Step 4 – Follow the link in your email to purchase your instructor training materials.

Step 5 – Successfully complete the discipline-specific classroom Instructor Course.

Step 6 – Successfully be monitored teaching your first course within 3 months of completing the discipline-specific classroom Instructor Course. Training Center Coordinators can require additional monitoring if needed.

Disclaimer – This Course is NON-REFUNDABLE. No Exceptions.

You may reschedule with a 24-hour notice.

Course Features

  • Same day 2-Year Certification provided upon completion of course
  • Hands-On Training

This Course Offers

  • Content representing the latest resuscitation science for improved patient outcomes.
  • Content representing the latest first aid skills.
  • Realistic scenarios, simulations, and animations depicting rescuers, teams, and patients.
  • Course Content flexibility for all students.
  • You can use course for a 2 hour CEUs
  • Offer onsite Training for Groups of 6 at a time

For course inquires please email our admissions team at rachel.m@altruistic.academy

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