CPR & AED Skills Check-Off Course



CPR AED Skills Check Off Course

This CPR AED Training Course provides you with a Refresher on Foundations for Saving a Life during a Cardiac Arrest!


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CPR & AED Skills Check-Off Course 

This CPR & AED Skills Check-Off Course provides you with a Refresher on Foundations for Saving a Life during a Cardiac Arrest!

This course provides you with the opportunity to get updated on changes. You will learn new skills and perform hands on CPR with our High-Quality responsive mannikins. Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a 2 Year Certification.

Course is taught with the most current 2020 CPR Guidelines. These guidelines   came into effect on November of 2020.

This course will provide you with basic life support refresher skills that are needed for both in-facility and pre-hospital setting. Our Focus is providing our students with High-Quailty CPR education. To help improve the way CPR is conducted by improvement of chest compression fraction, and high-performing team dynamics.

Course offers certified certification from American Heart Association

Course Features

  • Same day 2-Year Certification provided upon completion of course
  • Hands-On Training

This Course Offers

  • Content representing the latest resuscitation science for improved patient outcomes.
  • Realistic scenarios, simulations, and animations depicting rescuers, teams, and patients.
  • Course Content flexibility for all students.
  • You can use course for a 2 hour CEUs
  • Offer onsite Training for Groups of 8 at a time

For course inquires please email our admissions team at rachel.m@altruistic.academy

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