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Learn a New Skill Set and work as a Phlebotomist or add Phlebotomy to your resume!

Phlebotomy is an excellent skill to add to your resume, particularly for CNAs, PCTs, Nurses, Medical Assistants, or anyone who plans on joining the medical field as a career! Hospitals, medical clinics, medspas, outpatient centers, diagnostics and research labs, and blood donation centers are all looking for CPT-certified phlebotomists.

“Whether you’re advancing your aesthetics career or pursuing opportunities administering and managing blood draws for diagnosis, transfusion or research, the NPS’s CPT credential instantly identifies you as a phlebotomy professional.“

Get Register Now for our Phlebotomy Training Workshop. Schedule Your Academy Tour. Complete your Enrollment Process.  Then get Instant Access to all your Study Materials. So you can pass your National Certification Phlebotomy Exam.


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Phlebotomy Training Workshop

Our 60 Hour Phlebotomy Training Workshop is a National Certification Course. Our training course includes the National Accrediting Exam. Receiving your National Phlebotomy Certification allows you to work anywhere in the US as a Phlebotomist.

This phlebotomy training course is designed to allow to to learn at your own pace while studying for your National Certification exam. Students are provided with unlimited access to practice exams. All theory content is online through our Learning Management System Canvas. Your clinical labs will be scheduled with your assigned Registered Nurse Educator instructor. Our Phlebotomy Training Course consist of two portions: 40 hours of  online theory study and 40 hours hands on clinical lab practice. Upon successful completion of course requirements, you then will be able to take your National Certification Exam. Once you have passed your Phlebotomy National Certification exam. You will be rewarded with your National Phlebotomy Certification.

Students will be prepared for the work force in Phlebotomy lab drawing skills.

Course objectives are to help provide students with quality education. Learning opportunities with guidance from your instructor to allow mastering the clinical lab drawing skills.

We provide students with the proper knowledge and clinical skill set for passing the National Certification Exam on the first try. Students receive mentoring to help them achieve success as a phlebotomist.

To Complete the Course you must attend each Online theory session and clinical lab hours.

This Phlebotomy training consists of 40 hours of training to prepare you for your National Certification Exam.

Course Overview

Introduce the theory of phlebotomy, concepts and the role of the phlebotomist. Introduction to phlebotomy practice with quality assurance.

Course objectives are to help provide quality education opportunities with mastery of clinical skills. Knowledge based learning to produce competent, quality healthcare providers.

The course overview & objectives will help prepare students and provide a clear framework for the National Certification Exam.

Overview of Course Objectives:

Students will perform patient prep for various laboratory specimens using appropriate safety measures

Perform approbate infection control practices and isolation techniques

Learn specimen processing procedures

Perform glucose tolerance testing

How to collect blood cultures and viral studiesUse anticoagulants and viral studies

Perform 30 venipuncture and 10 capillary sticks after identifying proper sites, while practicing dignity, safety, and infection control methods

Cancellation Policy

You shall be refunded (minus a $150.00 registration fee) if requested within three (3) business days after purchasing course. Such refunds, in the form of a credit back to the card you used to purchase the course with. Refund can take up to 7-14 days. To request a refund you must call our office at 727-900-4370 to request your refund.

If for some reason you need to reschedule your class start date, you must provide us (Altruistic Medical Academy) with at least a one (1) week notice. Request to change your start date must be done by contacting our office at 727-900-4370. You also will be required to sign a new enrollment date. Students may only request a reschedule date one (1) time. If a one (1) notice is your course with NO REFUND and will not be able to reschedule your start date. You will forfeit the cost of your course.