• Blood Collection by Venipuncture & Capillary
  • Phlebotomy Safety 
  • Preventing Needle Sticks
  • Blood-borne Pathogen Transmissions
  • Special Considerations 

We use a digital learning platform called Evolve by Elsevier. The platform is loved by both students and instructors because it helps us seamlessly train students using a combination of digital learning, hands-on learning, and teacher instruction. The foundation of our teaching is the curriculum set forth by National Performance Specialist. This curriculum, along with the Elsevier platform and our experience, helps prepare each student for their national Certification exam through National Performance Specialist. 

4 Weeks @ 10 hours per week

First 2 weeks 

  • 10 hours per week Self-Study online through Evolve. 

Last 2 Weeks 

  • Lab Practice Monday & Wednesday 5pm – 9pm
  • 2 hours per week online study through Evolve
  1. Complete an Academy tour 
  2. Provide high school transcripts or equivalent
  3. Provide a valid State ID or Drivers License
  4. Make student registration payment 
  5. Complete student enrollment agreement

Phlebotomy Certification is through National Performance Specialist. 

  • Student completes all 40 hours of training. 
  • Student must complete all modules in the Learning management system Evolve. 
  • Students must successful have 40 venipuncture & 10 capillary
  • Students must pass Final exam through NPS with an 85%
For more Information on National Performance Specialist please click the link below.

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Training Course Benefits 

Unlimited test bank questions that support preparation for the National Certification Exam

Prepares you for the ever growing Patient Care Teach workforce field

Self-paced learning for your convenience

Cost of NPS National Certification Exam included with the course

You will be entered into the National Performance Specialist (NPS) registry for easy employer verification

Resume building and interviewing techniques, and help with job placement

Students will study theory material online through self-paced learning and meet with training instructor once a week through google classroom. Once online theory study has been completed you will be able to schedule your hands-on practical lab stimulation to learn proper skills needed in phlebotomy. 

You will gain the understanding of the theory of laboratory, and the importance of proper techniques when performing blood draws. 

All of our training courses are comprehensive and emphasizes a “hands-on” method – each student will demonstrate hands-ons training. These clinical skills will be performed with supervision on other class members and real life like mannikins. Our instructors will guide you as you learn a variety of phlebotomy, techniques.

This Phlebotomy training course provides the student with proper skills in order to succeed as a phlebotomist.

Course Content Includes The Following

HIPPA/Patient Rights; Universal Precautions/Safety; Venipuncture with vacutainers, Butterflies and syringes; Finger & Heel Sticks; Blood and the Blood Components; Medical Laboratory Terminology; Test Tubes – Use, Additives and order of draw; Professionalism; Special Procedures – Bleeding times, blood cultures, glucose testing; Difficult Draws and Tricks of the trade. 

Lab Practice Overview 

Patient prep for various laboratory specimens using appropriate safety measures 

Use appropriate infection control practices and isolation techniques

Learn specimen processing procedures

Discuss how to perform glucose tolerance testing

Learn how to collect blood cultures and viral studies using anticoagulants and viral studies

Perform venipuncture and capillary sticks after identifying proper sites, while practicing dignity, saftey, and infection control methods

You must be 18 years of age or older. Be able to a pass a level 2 Criminal background check that is required by employers; felonies and certain mid-demeanors will prevent you from working in the healthcare field. Provide a copy of your High School Diploma/GED certification. Provide a Government issued photo ID.

Disclaimer – Student must have access to wifi and a IOS/Windows operating system to complete the online self-paced study. 

Basic Life Support – CPR for Healthcare Providers -offered with us for $70 discounted price with the training! You will receive a 2-year American Heart Certification.  

What you need to know

Once you have successful completed your training course. You then will be able to take your National Certification Exam. Upon completion with an 85% or greater you will then be granted your Phlebotomy Certification. Test results are available to you right away by email. Your Certified Certification will also be emailed to you as well. 

Once you have completed your National Phlebotomy Exam with success. You will be registered in the Phlebotomy National Certification Register. This allows for employer verification. You will be assisted with building the proper resume for job placement. Provided with job fair events and posted in the phlebotomy national register for job placement. 

CPT Certification Final Exam Consists of 100 Questions ​and 120 Minute are given to complete the exam. Exam questions are randomized and will not always be the same. 

* All Final Exams are monitored analytically. Exams will be invalidated for cheating. Altruistic Medical Academy reserves the right to remove any member caught cheating, or abusing the system.